O’Brien Out of MassDems Chair Race

Democratic National Committeeman David O’Brien sent out the following email this afternoon withdrawing form the race for Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party:

Dear Friend,

I’ve been a candidate for Democratic Party Chair for just a couple of weeks and I’ve learned some important things.

  1. The incredible passion and kindness of you, my fellow members, who care so much about our party.
  2. We have a broken system that disrespects all of us.
  3. Life sometimes gets in the way of our best laid plans and intentions.

Promises are important to me. Earlier this week, a previous commitment I made to an international client experiencing a just now currently critical challenge requires my withdrawal from this race.  I apologize to the many of you who have already pledged your support – I am humbled and grateful for your trust and confidence in me as I believe we would have won.  To the numerous others of you that I have spoken with and to those who were considering supporting me, thank you!

While my leaving is personally painful I’ve learned one overriding lesson.


The scheduling of this election is a travesty.  We should not be spending the critical months during our busiest political season with the distraction of electing our party chair.  (Even our Republican counterparts at the Mass Republican Party hold off on their election of chair until January). So much is at risk nationally in this election.  All of us should be spending as much effort as our family and work obligations allow us to assure that Hillary Clinton is elected President.


We need to change the election date to avoid having to face a similar conflict in the future.  Having the distraction of a chair’s race in the midst of the most eventful period on our political calendars is simply wrong.  This will require us to change state law to fix this.  I hope you will join me in an effort to do just that.


I ask you and all of the remaining candidates for party chair to join me in pledging to change our state law so that we do not face a similar situation in the future. If all candidates for Chair do so we will be able to do two things for our party – focus on electing our next president AND elect the best party chair possible in a saner and more respectful process.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside you to elect Democrats across Massachusetts and our Nation!


David O’Brien

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