Tompkins Running for MassDems Chair

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins today announced that he is running for Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair.

Here is the email he sent to Democratic State Committee members this morning:

Dear XXXX,
Last Friday, I sent an email to my colleagues on the State Committee about Chairman McGee’s decision not to seek reelection to his role as Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. While I hadn’t yet made a decision as to whether or not to run, I shared my plans to use the weekend to talk to people about their thoughts for the future of our party and ideas about what constitutes an effective chair.

I didn’t end up talking to people. Instead, I listened.

I listened to people like State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry. As a leader of color, Senator Forry believes that it’s hard to aspire to be what you can’t see, and that to inspire people of color to actively engage with the Party, the composition of our leadership should reflect the diversity of our state.

I listened to people like Nicole LaChapelle from Easthampton, who believes the Party is most effective when it engages communities from each corner of the Commonwealth. A former Party Treasurer and national finance committee member for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Nicole knows what it takes to raise the financial resources necessary for a professional operation. I look forward to tapping into these national fundraising networks so we can grow our Party.

I listened to people like Boston City Council President Michelle Wu. Council President Wu values having a Chair who can speak thoughtfully and from the heart about the issues that impact the daily lives of people in Massachusetts – tackling income inequality, improving educational opportunities from pre-k to workforce training programs, criminal justice reform, enhancing affordable housing, and creating jobs.

I listened to people like Adrian Velazquez, a founding member of the Latino Caucus. A dedicated Party staffer who has worked with multiple chairs, Adrian believes that for our Party to grow and thrive, we must focus on a collaborating to cultivate partnerships at the grassroots level.

And they’re right. Our Party will only get stronger if we stand together and use our collective voice to empower people from every corner of the Commonwealth. Our Party will only get stronger if our leadership reflects the diverse faces and shared challenges of those we represent. Our Party will only get stronger if we use our resources to build a foundation that allow us to stand taller together – not prop up a chair with a high salary.

This week, I made the decision to run because you committed to run with me. I’m asking you to support me this November for the following reasons:

We need a Democratic Party chair who is a collaborator. With your support, I will travel across the Commonwealth to make sure that all voices and perspectives are heard and respected.

We need a Democratic Party chair who inspires others to get involved. With your support, I will make it my mission to engage an entirely new group of Democrats that are too often left out – people of color and young people. It is essential that our party reflects the diverse community we represent and that we work to grow it by recruiting and training young adults and people of color.

We desperately need to make investments in our Party to ensure that we have the tools to engage all voters across the state, especially young people, people of color and those who’ve felt left out of the process for too long. Instead of taking the Chair’s salary, I commit to putting the $100,000 back into operations so we can increase our staff and grassroots capacity to move the needle on progressive policies. Additionally, I’ll fundraise vigorously for the Party to ensure that we have the resources to sustain an operation needed to reelect our champions on a local, statewide, and federal level. We must work together and commit to meeting these ambitious goals, and I will be laser focused on that goal as Chair.
But if we are going to do this together, I need you with me. By working together, we can make our Party more inclusive, efficient, effective and collaborative. Can I count on you?

As always, I am most appreciative of your input. Please give me a call at 617.899.XXXX or reach out via email at


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