MassDems Chair Candidate Bickford Calls for Beaton’s Resignation

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has yet to issue a response to the latest slime oozing out of Gov. Charlie Baker’s Administration, but one of the candidates running to lead the party has.

Today, the Herald reported that state employees loyal to Baker have been accused of harassing and retaliating against a co-worker after her fiancé filed papers to challenge a Republican State Senator.

Though the paid staff and leadership of the MassDems apparently had more pressing matters to deal with, Gus Bickford, a former party staffer and candidate to replace Chair Tom McGee quickly called on Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton to resign.

“The latest allegations of retaliation, threats, and coercion by Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs are the 3rd strike for Secretary Beaton,” Bickford said in a statement. “First we have the Boston Pops event where DCR used taxpayer resources to fundraise politically, next we have the $134,000 a year job for the Governor’s former campaign driver, and now retribution against an employee whose husband challenged a GOP incumbent.”

Bickford called the series of reports “beyond egregious,” and said Baker should ask Beaton to resign.

Bickford also said that if he were leading the MassDems, he would have immediately filed an ethics complaint and demanded relevant public record from the Baker Administration.

“On behalf of MassDems, I would not give Governor Charlie Baker and his administration a free pass,” he said.


Disclaimer: I love all of the candidates for MassDems Chair equally. 

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