BREAKING: Duff out of MassDems Chair Race, endorses Bickford 

Governor’s Councillor Eileen Duff has dropped out of the race to succeed Sen. Tom McGee as Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. 

In an email to Democratic State Committee members this morning, Duff endorsed former MassDems Executive Director and longtime DSC member Gus Bickford.

Here’s Duff’s email:

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for all your support over these past weeks. I can not express how truly grateful I am for you friendship. You represent all that is great about our party. However, at this time I regret to inform you that I will not be a candidate for Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party due solely to family issues.

Our party is at a critical juncture, we can either decide to hold the course or opt for a selfless leader with strong progressive values whose sights are firmly fixed on the parties best interest. My call for change gave voice to the importance of our platform, and made clear that we elect candidates that fit our values, not the other way around

I emphasized the importance of a Party apparatus that reflects the identities of all of our communities. Too often we forget that our state has elected only one African-American governor, and has yet to elect a female one. Equitable representation starts with us, in the makeup of our organization and our campaigns.

We still have a long way to go until our organization is achieving its potential.

My objective during this transformative time was to bring much-needed change to our Party leadership, and I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished that goal. Sometimes it just takes one person to stand up, and I am proud to have been that person. No matter what happens in November, we’ll have a new face leading the Party. But long-lasting change requires someone with vision and demonstrated ability to run the Party. I believe that Gus Bickford is the best candidate for the job. Over the coming weeks I will work tirelessly to ensure he is elected in November. Gus’s first job out of college was as an organizer running the campaign of the first African-American state representative to win in a majority-white district. Since then he has worked at nearly every level of the Party, including as Executive Director when Weld held the corner office. No one knows better than he, the challenges we are facing with Baker as Governor. I believe that he has the progressive values, grassroots mindset, fundraising prowess and organizational experience to move our Party forward.

Let’s continue to work towards our goal of a building an effective organization. Can I count on you to stand with me in my support of Gus? 
In solidarity,

Eileen Duff

DSC Member

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