The MassGOP’s Mystery Pollster

The Massachusetts Republican Party is not fielding a single credible challenger to any of the Commonwealth’s 9 Democratic Members of Congress. They’re staying out of the presidential race and only competing for about 40% of the seats in the General Court. So why did they just shell out $18,ooo to a pollster with no paper trail?

According to OCPF, The Massachusetts Republican State Committee paid something called “The McCluskey Group” for polling on August 8th. Along with four smaller expenditures for telemarketing, robo calls, surveys and printing, the MassGOP has sent checks for $19,942.41 to what appears to be a UPS store in Wilmington, Delaware.


As political consulting firms go, it’s pretty rare to find one agency whose services range from polling to printing. Pollsters don’t usually own presses and printers aren’t necessarily down with the latest in public opinion research. The McCluskey Group folks must be pretty smart if they can handle it all.

But who is the McCluskey Group? It’s a young LLC registered in Delaware- and that’s about where the public records trail ends.


The “registered agent” of the McCluskey Group, according to Delaware state records, is “The Company Corporation.” That’s the real name of an actual business that allows anyone with an internet connect to form and Delaware-based company. The also feature a handy service that will allow you to put their corporate information on the publicly-available documents instead of your own.

icorporate dot com




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